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(available colors black and white)
Price: 3.650 ευρώ

• The most innovative and powerful 125 electric scooter ever! The SUNRA ROBO-S is an L3e electric scooter (125cc equivalent) of high performance, elegant, modern and sporty.
• With 2 removable lithium-ion batteries and a dual power 3000 W brushless motor with a maximum torque of 230 Nm, sturdy rigid frame, disc brakes front and rear with combined braking (CBS) and hydraulic front and rear suspension the ROBO-S is capable of moving speed.
One of the main advantages of the Robo-S is that the batteries are stored on the floor (low center of gravity) offering 24 liters of space under the seat, in which the rider can comfortably store a Full face helmet and personal items.
• The two 72V 20Ah batteries can be charged together in about 4 hours or separately from the scooter, with the quick charger included.
• Powered by a management system (BMS: Battery Management System) which provides real-time control of current, voltage and temperature of the battery
• ROBO-S adopts an LED lighting system, achieving a lighting angle of 30 ° and a maximum lighting distance of 12 meters, far exceeding international standards.
• The scooter also provides a fingerprint security system. Your fingerprint is analyzed through the application and can then be used to launch it. The 9-inch digital LCD screen lets you know the battery charge level, speed, time and mileage.
• The equipment also includes a 5V USB port for charging electrical appliances. The scooter can also be started via the key that activates / deactivates the alarm.
• Equipped with a comfortable 2-seater saddle and an elegantly designed handlebar with passenger backrest to enhance safety in style.
• The Field-Oriented Control (F.O.C) power distributor controls the communication between the battery and the motor for optimum performance.
• The EBS electric drive system has the ability to reverse function by producing energy during downhill deceleration or braking. This energy is channeled to the batteries resulting in a significant increase in the efficiency of the drive system.
• The factory equipment includes an alarm, while optionally it is possible to add a grill and a suitcase.
• Meets the international 300mm waterproofing standard.

• Size: 1750 * 740 * 1150 mm
• Wheelbase: 1230 mm
• Final speed: 80 km / h
• Maximum Autonomy: 98 km
• Front Brake: Combined Disc Brake (CBS)
Rear Brake: Combined Disc Brake (CBS)
• Engine: Sunra brushless motor
Conter: 9-inch digital LCD screen
• Motor power: 3000 W dual power. 230 Nm of torque
• Power Distributor: Field- Oriented Control (F.O.C)
• Energy Recovery System: EBS (Energy Recovering System)
• Conter: Digital
• Battery: 2 72V 20AH lithium batteries (removable)
• Consumption: 0.040 kWh / Km
• Charging time: 4 hours