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• The MIKU MAX is the result of the collaboration of science and aesthetics, a new generation of electric scooters of the future that will make you fall in love with it at first sight.
• Fun fun-cool, elegant, sporty & funky. With a unique futuristic design & steel rigid C-shaped tubular frame, the MIKU MAX is a fantastic electric scooter with excellent ride quality that will take you away from everyday life in style.
• The main feature of the MIKU MAX is observed in the seat, since it is placed 'in the air' leaving a large space for placing objects. It has a reclining aluminum hook and you can store your helmet, shopping or personal items.
• Lightweight and flexible (weighing just 69 kg) with Bosch 800W high performance constant power motor & equipped with 60V20Ah lithium battery (detachable) on the floor for low center of gravity.
• Equipped with a smart power distribution controller FOC Smart CPU that recognizes driving conditions and commands the engine for optimum performance, provides 21º climbing capability and excellent driving pleasure.
• The smart LCD control panel informs you about the battery charge level, speed, time as well as the kilometers you have traveled. Cruise control will allow riders to maintain a constant desired speed by pressing the power button on the right switch. The above features together with the factory-installed alarm make the MIKU MAX ideally easy to operate, for your daily urban travel.
Equipped with front-rear hydraulic disc brakes and a four-link dual shock absorber system with excellent shock absorption, they enable you to cope with all types of road conditions, significantly improving driving safety, adding a rating to great looks and driving comfort.
• The 50 mm thick seat cushion upholstered in high quality breathable foam, skin friendly & non-slip upgrades the quality of the MIKU MAX offering comfort and aesthetics.
The lockable petrol tank is actually a 5.7 liter storage compartment that also has a USB mobile phone charging port and an LED light bulb. You can install mobile phones, chargers, raincoats and other essentials.
• To drive at night in complete safety, the MIKU MAX is equipped with powerful LED lighting. The high-brightness headlight with PMMA material, 92% light transmittance delivers almost twice the intensity compared to the international standards & fixed viewing angle at 30º to 12 meters and at 24º to 9 meters. Every detail is carefully designed.
• It is powered by a management system (BMS: Battery Management System) which, real-time control for protection against overvoltage, overload and short circuit of the high quality detachable lithium battery weighing 9 kg. The battery is charged to the scooter with the quick charger that includes the basic equipment of the vehicle, or from a household outlet at home, at work or wherever you wish.
• The EBS electric drive system has the ability to reverse operation by producing energy during downhill deceleration or braking. This energy is fed to the batteries resulting in a significant increase in the efficiency of the drive system.


• Dimensions: 1685 * 780 * 1065 mm
• Wheelbase: 1205 mm
• Wheels: 300-10 tubeless
• Final speed: 45 km / h
• Front brake: Disc brake
• Rear brake: Disc brake
• Maximum Autonomy: 50 km
• Engine: Bosch brushless motor
• Motor power: 800W with 20.0 Nm of torque
• Power Distributor: Field- Oriented Control (F.O.C)
• Energy Recovery System: EBS (Energy Recovering System)
Conter: Digital LCD screen
• Battery: 60V20Ah lithium (removable)
• Consumption: 0.036 Kwh / Km
• Charging time: 4 hours
• Meets the international 300mm waterproofing standard

The Miku Max is driven with a 50cc motorcycle-bicycle license or car category B 6 years old and age of holder-driver 27 years and over

2-year factory warranty or 20,000 kilometers
* (the retail price does not include the cost of transport outside Athens and the cost of issuing a first marketing authorization)