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Traveling with an electric scooter is the most economical, alternative and more ecological way of transportation. Now electric scooters have come and been established in the Greek daily life, as there is a 40% annual increase in their demand. EMW provides you with the best electric scooters in Greece. With an EMW electric scooter, pollution in the city is now a thing of the past, with our main concern being to offer and establish the absolutely ecological movement in the big urban centers. The prices of our electric scooters are extremely affordable and the best thing is that you make immediate depreciation of your money in a very short time, as the cost of your transportation is "zeroed".

See below the available EMW electric scooters

EMW Portable

The new EMW Portable / 1000 electric scooter has been upgraded and as strong as possible to continue the successful course for over three years of the predecessor of the EMW Portable / 250W. The model of electrification becomes a model of technological development. The new electric scooter EMW Portable / 1000 offers a speed of 45km / h and a range of up to 80 km depending on the riding behavior and weight of the rider, while at the same time has very high levels of safety. Available in two versions. The new electric scooter EMW Portable / 1000 is the definition of the electric moped at the best price on the market. A lightly upgraded and very powerful electric scooter pioneer in its class. It has a detachable Li-Ion battery which ensures autonomy up to 80km. It is the most technologically advanced electric vehicle with a USB charging port for your electronic devices, "smart" electronic dial, keyless unlock, alarm system and other modern technologies that will ensure maximum enjoyment and safe travel.
There is also the option of the unlicensed EMW Portable 1000 model which offers a speed of 25km/h.


The new Electric Scooter EMW GO4 was designed to cover all the needs of the driver in his daily movements, providing him with maximum safety, impeccable driving behavior, ease of use and fast depreciation of his purchase since with 1 € you can travel 560 kilometers depending on the driving behavior! An eco-friendly vehicle with strong performance that will pleasantly change your daily life and will bring you one step closer to a new era!